On the Dejal blog: announcing Dejal Time Out 2.8, featuring a new option to end a break early, the ability to postpone breaks instead of skip them & use Do Not Disturb with app exclusions, a choice to show the time since the last break in the status item, and more.

End early option

End early break


Last break

LCD Digital Clock theme

Liftoff podcast 📡 #MediaMonday

A fortnightly podcast by Jason Snell and Stephen Hackett about space, the universe, and everything, but mostly space. Keeping an eye on the news about NASA, SpaceX, and others… but it’s never aliens (until it is?).

Liftoff artwork

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes yesterday; I appreciate them. I had a pleasant day of relaxing, and @jidabug made French toast for breakfast, my favorite dinner (schnitzel and baked spud), and a tasty birthday cake. 🎂

Schnitzel, baked spud, peas for dinner

Birthday cake