Hawaii day 1

I will turn 50 tomorrow. I usually don’t bother doing much to celebrate birthdays, but we felt it appropriate to mark this milestone with something special.

So, we headed to the Big Island of Hawaii for five nights.

Yesterday was the travel day. Here’s our plane:

The traditional PDX airport carpet shot:

Me and Jenn in the plane:

Pretty tasty plane food:

Hawaii coast:

Disembarking the plane:

Open-air terminal:

Old lava rocks by the side of the road:

We were early to the resort, and our room wasn’t ready. So we killed time by having lunch near the ocean:



A kid at a nearby table was feeding a family of birds:

Our room:

View from our room’s lanai, of the ocean and next-door golf course:

A water feature:

View from the main building:

Beach and lagoon:

Baby fishes:


Black lava rocks and white coral:

Our wing of the resort in the background:

Flatbread and hummus platter for dinner:

Watching the sun set during dinner:

Post-sunset torches and palm trees:

I’m writing this post while relaxing by the lagoon. Stay tuned for day 2 tomorrow.